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Something in the Air?

It can sometimes be hard to figure out if there are any problems with the air in your home. Though regularly dusting can ensure that you are breathing clean air, there are many other sources of pollutants, such as a pesticide or your cookstove, that can also foul the air. 

A good sign that things are bad is if walking outside is a little too much of a breath of fresh air, but it is often the case that pollutants go unnoticed. 

We here at Wright Choice Home Inspections have seen so many dirty-aired homes, that we fully believe that an air filter is one of the top solutions to eliminating common pollutants like radon and mold. 

Sometimes, it is not your seasonal allergies that are making you wheeze a bit worse than usual, or suffer from labored breaths, but something in the air inside your home. If you want to breathe right, then do not hesitate to Breathe Wright, with an indoor air filter!

The Benefits of an Air Filter

Air pollution is not a rarity, but rather one of the biggest, if not the biggest, environmental health risks that threatens the whole human population. 

From heart problems to strokes to cancer, the health risks incurred by living in filthy air are nowhere near mild, and nearly 4 million premature deaths a year occur because of low indoor air quality in homes. 

So, that air filter comes highly recommended by us. 

For starters, cracking open a window and letting clean outdoor air into your home, provided you live in an area with clean outdoor air, is a great start. But, it would be foolish to leave your windows open 24/7, so an indoor air filter is a helpful addition. 

An air filter can be portable, and often comes in the form of a small machine that you plug into the wall and turn on. They are especially helpful to have on when you are sleeping, since your breathing is under less conscious control then. 

These portable air filters also go by the names of air sanitizers or purifiers, so know that there is no real difference between air “somethings” if that “something” suggests cleaning. (Note that an air humidifier performs a different function, which is keeping a room’s air moist and can help with short-term problems like a cold.) 

While portable air filters typically help reduce pollutants in a room, there are whole-home air filters that can cover every room in your home. Your furnace likely already has an air filter, but it can be replaced or upgraded to up your home’s air quality. 

It does not need to be an either/or decision when it comes to air filters, because a whole-home air filter can be used with a portable air purifier to great success. 

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