Radon Testing

Breathe Wright makes the process of testing for Radon in your home seamless and easy.

Our certified & trained specialist will place an “active” device called a CRM (continuous radon monitor). The radon test is conducted in the lowest portion of a home that could be occupied, while all fans are turned off and exterior doors and windows are closed. 

• After 48 hours, we will retrieve our device and evaluate your test results. The US EPA has established the “action level” for deciding when you need to “do something” about the radon in your home, school, or work place is 4 pCi/l or above.

• Depending on your results, Breathe Wright will work with you to develop a plan of action for your home.

• We recommend testing regularly for Radon, as Kentuckiana is considered a “Radon Hot Spot,” and have a predicted average indoor radon screening levels greater than 2-4 pCi/L. These levels can increase over time.


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